Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoe challenge 8

I'm not getting much better at this, am I? St Patrick's day kind of upset my routine this week: Wednesday felt like Friday and yesterday like Saturday as we had the day off (yay for patron saints). So here was are again, actually on Friday, and I'm rushing to complete another shoe challenge. Shoeperwoman is going to hate me for always giving her extra work on a Friday morning. Must. Do. Better.

So anyway, the shoes, six weeks in I thought I had better rescue something good. I had rescued a pair of Jimmy Choos a few weeks back but due to horrific photos technical reasons they didn't complete the journey so, to date, none of my high-end shoes have been saved. I was tempted to rescue my green kitten heel Steve Maddens for a nod to the day that was in it but a) they are not high end and b) that might have been a wee bit too twee, so Louboutins it was.

Lilac Christian Louboutin New Simples with 'wooden' platform and heel
The angle is not great here as husband number one is not a natural photographer, he may also have had a small hangover from work night pints on the 16th but I didn't tell you that, and was not overly keen on taking direction! 

The heels are 120mms, or five inches in old money, with the platform making them more like 100mms which is about my limit. I'm 5ft 2' so with these on I feel tall. They are really elegant and 'simple' and I love them though they are definitely in the car-to-bar category for me. 

They are worn here with black leggings (can't recall from where), top from Forever 21, cardigan is DKNY, both tops purchased last weekend.

Here's the close up

I also need to mention that I need to up my total by one having been powerless to resist a really lovely pair of Steve Madden heels in TKMaxx (at least they were a bargain) and in a few weeks I'm expecting a very special pair and will have to increase the total once more but more of that anon.


  1. Ohh, your lilac Louboutins are lovely! I do like lilac shoes, and I should be getting some of mine out for the shoe challenge soon. Your outfit is really nice, too. St Patrick's Day here generally involves a lot of drunk people wearing green hats and wandering the streets, but it must be nice to have a public holiday for it!

  2. Oh, Louboutins!! the color is so gentle and they look very good on you!

  3. Love your outfit and the shoes are beautiful. I love their lilac and wood combination! It looks super elegant.

  4. I am so glad someone else's shoe count is increasing! I hate to be the only one! :)