About me

About me... hmmm, well you already know I like my shoes. I live in Dublin with my New Zealander husband. I'm a magazine editor in a suburban based, rather unglamorous, office. My husband and I are both passionate rugby fans and spend most of our weekends at matches following Leinster and Ireland. This is not conducive to the wearing of fabulous shoes which is why my task to wear all of them at least once within the year is going to be a challenge. I might just have to trade my usual office attire of a hoody and jeans for a skirt or dress every so often... My Dad reckons that there is such a thing as the 'shoe gene' , the possession of which marks one as an 'Imelda'. An Imelda must spend her life (genetically driven) acquiring shoes. This gene happens to run in my family, to greater and lesser extents, with my now deceased grandmother leading the charge. She actually died in her mid-90s while away on a week's holiday with seven pairs of shoes! She just might be my hero. What is it Lulu Guinness says, "She who dies with the most shoes wins"? Oh, did I mentioned I like shoes?