Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoe challenge 6 and 7

Right so. This laziness is not getting much better is it? I'm forcing myself to do this update before the end of the working week or I'll be in the same position next week but even further behind. Eeek!

Once again I've worn more shoes than I've saved thanks to Shoeperwoman's full length photograph rule, a rule I'm starting to think of as evil.

Anyway, down to business...

Shoe challenge 6 - M&S Autograph purple suede platforms

I bought these just before my wedding last September having fallen in love with them as soon as I saw them. The initial problem was though, that I also loved the same pair in black leather and couldn't decide between them. Then M&S complicated things by not having them available in my size and compounded the issue by denying their very existence on their website.  Now there is nothing as good at forcing you into a decision as the fear of having the decision taken away from you, so as soon as I happened upon them in my local M&S I settled on the black ones. BUT, then I found the purple ones too AGHAGHGAH! Then I had a brainwave, I'll buy them both now and see which I REALLY prefer at home and return the others. Excellent idea. Of course you know what happened next... Yes, I kept both pairs. I reasoned to myself that at €60 they were too much of a bargain not to get in both colours. You see, I'd only recently bought my wedding shoes, a pair of Christian Louboutins for £425 so €60 really did seem cheap. If you haven't noticed, I'm quite the master of justification when it comes to all things shoe.

So, here they are, not looking very purple, worn, apparently by some crazy lady, with a Julian McDonald Star for Debenhams dress (there are purple flashes in the pattern) and a black Banana Republic cardigan. They are a wee bit too big for me though (M&S sizes are always a bit odd I find) hence the heel grips *sigh*

Close up

Shoe challenge 7 – black Calvin Klein booties

Having never been a fan of shoe boots or booties, whatever you're having yourself, for some reason I liked this pair when I saw them in Macys at the start of a holiday in Chicago a few years back. They were $300 though so I walked away (it was too early on the trip to commit when there were so many other shoes I had yet to clap eyes on). It must have been fate however because on our last day in Chicago myself and my friend just happened to find ourselves back in the shoe department – no idea how that happened – and they had been knocked down in price by 50%. Woo and hoo respectively! Added to that, the nice folk in Macys give Johnny Foreigner an additional %11 off so with the euro-friendly exchange rate they were a veritable bargain I tell you.

Worn here with a John Rocha for Debenhams dress while having a bad face day (on camera anyway - thought I looked ok IRL... did I mention the photo process being evil). They look great with trousers too and are uber comfy.

Close up


  1. Those purple shoes are gorgeous! The color seems just right.

  2. I sooo know how you feel about justifying purchases to yourself... I can talk myself into the weirdest things when it comes to (shoe) shopping. As for the whole body rule... feelin ya there, too. I've been searching for the perfect spot to take self-timed pics for a few weeks now and finally came across a pretty good one. Yay for kitchen chairs and kitchens.

  3. My friend and I used to count things up in drinks, like "that's only five vodkas". Works for the low end stuff but not so much for the pricey stuff! LOL

  4. I did just the same when I saw 2 pairs of Wang boots! I got them in both colors! Aggrrhh.. The plan was to return one pair. Yeah, yeah..
    The only thing that works for me is a complete shopping ban. I mean, buy NOTHING except of food. Did it now for a week and I'm a bout to break down))
    I actually love these purple pump very much, so I don't think it's a bad thing you got them in 2 colors) except of having to save more shoes..))