Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shoe challenge 10

I'm up to double digits folks! Ten pairs down in Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge and 60-something to go. Woohoo! I say 60-odd as a few new pairs need to documented and accounted for. I will get around to this as soon as the last of these pairs arrives. Hopefully they will deserve a blog devoted exclusively to them when the times comes. Let's just say I-AM-EXCITED!

Anyhoo, meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was a shoe challenge entry to be documented... this time I am tardy with the entry as I actually wore this pair last Saturday taking my parents out to lunch in the city centre (T'was yum in case you wanted to know) but am only getting around to posting them now - Thursday lunch time - for shame!

Jimmy Choo black patent and canvas round toe courts
 We didn't get around to taking the photo until getting home later that evening so it had to be taken on the terrace (I'm assuming people will be getting tired of my usual indoor locations at this point) after nightfall which was not ideal but hey ho. I'm wearing black and white polka dot dress from New Look and blue coat (colour blocking anyone?) from Debenhams petite collection which was a pressie from husband number one.

Here's the close up(s)

These are definitely the most worn of all my 'good' shoes due to their versatility. Round toes are my favourite shape and the heel, at about three inches, makes them easy to wear so they are my go-to shoes. I've had these for about four years (50% off sale) at a guess but for whatever reason, for the first time they decided (yes, shoes have personalities and can think) to give me a blister... The cheek!  I'm still not over this and they may have to stay in the cupboard in disgrace (now that they have been saved) for a while to think over their actions... Or maybe that makes me sound a bit lie a crazeee lady?


  1. Lovely shoes and outfit! It's so difficult to find a perfect pair of versatile black shoes but these seem great - don't punish them, maybe they just had a bad day! Rather give them some extra polish to make them happy again instead ;)?

  2. Oh my gosh, I am in love with your jacket! Bright trenches are my absolute favourite.

  3. Lovely shoes! Lucky you - for years I'm trying to find a rounded-toe pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, or even almond toe, and there was noooo way, just pointed ones or sandals... really, congratulatios, very beautiful shoes!
    Can you believe I had to register on wordpress to be able to leave a comment on your blog? I have been trying to do so since a week...! But my blog continues to be the same - as I said, I just registered to leave you a comment!

  4. Thanks for going to all that effort pitgat... I don't understand why it is so hard to leave a comment. I can sign into blogs using my gmail account... don't know if that helps?

  5. Hi there! Cute outdoor picture, it looks like you had a fun time. Great shoes too!