Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shoe challenge number 3 and 4

So, I've been both too busy and lazy to get to this before now but the challenge is coming along nicely thank you very much. I've rescued my first pair of heels (yippee) and another pair of boots - details coming up.
This challenge is making me realise how much I wear boots over shoes, though this probably has something to do with the time of year and my propensity towards cold feet, and by cold I mean ice-block like, just ask husband number one. Truth be told I've actually worn four different pairs of boots since the first two rescues of the challenge but as the rules state, if there are no photos it didn't happen!
On the subject of boots, the new boots en route from (ordered on 2/211) have yet to arrive by the way, I know you've all been on tenterhooks wondering. Apparently they were despatched by the 'wrong' courier who hid the boots until I rang looking for them and Office did a follow-up search. That was over a week ago now but they have yet to appear... perhaps the 'wrong' courier has got them again or maybe the donkey despatched is actually swimming the Irish sea. Grrrr!

Right, seeing that my now traditional digression is out of the way, to the shoes!

Rescue number 3 - flat brown sort of cowboy boots from Oasis

I bought these years and years ago (or fadó fadó as we say here). I'm not sure exactly when but I know I paid  £50 on sale and we've had the Euro since 2003. Worn hear with black leggings, black Savida jumper, Florence & Fred cardigan and a Penneys (Primark to those in the UK) belt I scored for €1. I'm not 100% convinced about keeping these either. For some reason they are very slippery and having one taken a spectacular prat fall in them I'm never 100% confident striding about in them.

Rescue number 4 - red suede platform high heeled pumps from LK Bennett
These are my most recent acquisition. I bought them on a trip to Birmingham at the tail end of the January sales. I knew going into LK Bennett was dangerous but I was powerless to resist. I similarly knew trying anything on was risky but... anyway, these were a steal at only £75 (down from £210) and they are comfy to boot. They remind me of Christian Louboutin Bibis though they are not as skyscraperish (a good thing in my case).
They deserve a close up
I'm wearing them here with a dark grey (it looks black here) polka dot dress from John Rocha Petite at Debenhams.
Photos taken by much bemused husband number one in a Dublin hotel we were staying in on Saturday - makes a nice change from the backdrop of my kitchen! 

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