Friday, February 18, 2011

Exciting times for Irish Louboutinistas

Exciting times for Irish Louboutinistas...  in that you can now access a larger range of Christian Louboutin shoes than heretofore has been possible in Ireland as Brown Thomas has opened a CL boutique in the its Shoe Room.
The store is only the 32nd for the brand worldwide and will be situated in the area previously occupied by Manolo Blahnik. Hopefully there will be more stock in it than was typical from Manolo, when it sometimes seemed like a Moscow shop in the 1980s with only about five shoes on display (all of which were the 'Carrie wedding shoe' in different colours, well maybe there were a few other pairs too but I'm not surprised it didn't last).
The new boutique is also exciting in that it will provide the opportunity to raise heart rates to the point of collapse as eyes are clapped on the prices of the strassed and exotic numbers  accepting, of course, that we have become used to the starting price point for regular CLs. Perhaps, more practically, it will be useful for those of us who want to know our "CL size" in a particular style so we can try to find a less expensive option on eBay or Bonzale...
Either way I'm dying to have a nose about and get a good fix of shoe porn the next time I'm in the city centre. If husband number one is reading this I'm just going for a browse, honest I am!


  1. This was not a good blog to read at this time given I'm on the way into town and just got a bonus. Must stay strong! Somehow I'd managed to forget that it had opened

  2. You know you want to! Bonus eh? Lucky girl - why not treat yourself and boot the economy too... win-win!

  3. I went. It's a beautiful beautiful place. I restrained myself from buying by thinking "I'll be in America in 8 weeks" over and over. They're cheaper in American right?