Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day two: don't expect me to keep pace this up!

Hmmm, I kind of fell into wearing another pair of boots today. I've barely had my Uggs off me in the last few months but as both pairs need a good clean and I've been too lazy busy to get around to it I was pushed to break my pattern.
The pair I wore today I had forgotten I even owned and they didn't even make it into the group photo at the start of this whole shoe challenge frippery. They are brown knee-highs from Next with a double buckle detail at the ankle. I'm not in love with these but they are quite comfy and very versatile. Nevertheless, while they may be 'saved' they may not make it to February 14, 2012, especially as I have a new pair of brown boots en route as I type (already counted as part of my total as they were ordered on 2/2/11 but Officeshoes.co.uk seem to be sending them by donkey courier).
Anyway, once again, I digress; here they are worn with a dress by coincidence also from Next (Petite) and the old reliable black leggings (over tights - it's bloody cold and drafty in my office).  Please excuse the terrible lighting and the somewhat crazed look I'm sporting. I'm not enjoying this part of the process I must admit!
 Here's a close up. Like my Uggs, they too need a clean :o(



  1. Looking fabulous as always - can't wait to see what the donkey brings!

  2. The donkey, apparently got lost and had to bring the boots back to the Depot in the UK from where they will be despatched a second time... seriously! I may have ordered another pair in the meantime too

  3. Hello! I really love your shoes and this cute dress. I am SO glad to hear you say you are not loving the picture taking part of the Shoe Challenge. I keep hoping it will get easier to look at pictures of myself, but no progress yet! :)

  4. God yes, it is the worst bit! I suppose by the end of the year we'll be used to it. Thanks for dropping by I will add you to my follow list now.